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Find A Realtor You Can Trust

Selecting A Realtor  Finding the right Realtor to help you in your search is the important first step to take when you are ready to buy a new home in the Luling area. Some people feel it is better to use someone you don’t know–I can’t agree with this thought because someone you know will usually go above and beyond the call of duty and have you as top priority at all times. Knowledge, professionalism and experience are the important factors to consider when selecting a Realtor. You should also look for someone who listens carefully to what you want in a new home and who knows the market well enough to find the right house for you within a reasonable period of time. Be comfortable with the person you choose. If you feel like the Realtor is sensitive to your needs and desires, you will feel confident working with that person.

Effective Marketing  You are feeling a little hysterical–your home has been listed for two weeks, and you have seen only one newspaper ad featuring it. Although your house is being shown regularly, you are wondering if the agent is doing enough. Sellers often equate effective marketing with classified ads in the weekend Sunday real estate section, however, the most skilled Realtors know their market well enough to know where the prospective buyers for your home are likely to come from. They will look for the best ways to reach those people through direct mail, telephone contact or specialized ads in neighborhood publications. They will also work to get their colleagues excited about your house, especially agents who have many listings or sales in your neighborhood. And remember–it is important for you and your agent to communicate often so you will know exactly what is being done to sell your home.

The Perfect Home  When we help prospective buyers locate a new home in the Luling area, we listen carefully to your goals. What are your criteria for selecting a neighborhood, what style of house do you prefer, what price range and floor plan meet your needs? Are there any special considerations that will go into making your decision? When we have a good picture of what you want, we will go to work as the master matchmaker to find the best property on the market for your needs. Our agents succeed when they can make our buyers’ goals their goals. Finding you the perfect home is a collaborative effort. The buyers communicate what they want, why they want it, and where compromise might be possible, and the agent listens carefully and selects the homes that come as close as possible to meeting the needs expressed. When there is trust and communication between you and the Realtor you are working with, miracles can happen! Creating these miracles for buyers and sellers is “Job #1” for us. Our motto is: “Performance Outsells Promises!!” Give us a call and see for yourself. We will get your home sold or get that dream home just for you.