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Finding Your Perfect Home

Dream Versus Reality  When you decide to buy a home, you may feel resistance to doing some of the things that are necessary to turn your dream into a reality. An important part of a professional Realtor’s job is to help you overcome such resistance. When you locate the property you want to buy, you will have to handle many details within a very short period of time. There is a lot of paperwork, such as the financial statement and purchase agreement, in addition to the negotiations with the sellers. You may also experience a wide range of emotions at each step of the way, everything from mild jitters to profound buyers’ remorse. Just take a deep breath and trust your Realtor. It also helps to remember that everyone who has purchased a home has experienced these same feelings–“it’s too much money” or “the local market will collapse completely the day after we close”. Fortunately, almost none of these fears ever come true. A professional Realtor is trained to take you through the home-buying jitters.

House Hunting   If you are house hunting in the Luling area, you can scan the classified ads and call for information on houses that catch your eye–or you can ask a Realtor whom you trust to show you only the homes that will actually fit your needs. It helps to know how Realtors work in order to understand the advantages of working with a real estate professional. Realtors begin each agent/buyer relationship by asking questions about your preferences and financial qualifications, and then show you the homes in your price range that meet your criteria. As new listings come on the market, they get their buyers into them as quickly as possible, often before the homes are advertised. Even in an uncertain market, the best homes move quickly. When you find a Realtor with whom you feel comfortable, you should consider working exclusively with that person. Your loyalty will give the agent great impetus to create the perfect match between you and a new house.