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The Loan Process

Closing Paperwork  When you buy a house in the Luling area , you are asked to sign an amazing number of documents, especially if you are obtaining a mortgage. It is prudent to read all of the papers before signing them, but it may not be practical to do this at the actual closing. There is a way you can read everything first without holding up the closing. The title company should have the papers ready for your review several days before the closing, BUT sometimes the lender delivers the paperwork at the last minute. If you insist on reading everything, including all fine print, you will probably draw some serious groans from the others at the table. One practical solution is to request the closer to explain the information in everyday, plain language, not legal mumbo-jumbo. At the closing you need only to make sure that the information is filled in correctly.

Closing Questions  Most people are not at their best when they are at the closing. They are feeling nervous and vulnerable as they sign the papers, and may even be fighting off an attack of buyer’s remorse. Even though you may be inclined to just sign the papers, it is a good idea to check the paperwork and ask any questions you have. If you are signing a mortgage or deed of trust, be sure to review the document carefully. Check the spelling of your name, the property address and all of the inserted items for accuracy. Since much of the paperwork is prepared on short notice, occasionally mistakes are made. They are usually easier to fix while you are still at the title office, so don’t be shy about asking questions before you sign on the dotted line.